Sufjan Stevens, “Majesty Snowbird”

By now everyone has watched at least one live video of “Majesty Snowbird” on YouTube and suffered through sound quality which ranges from insufferably grating to entirely acceptable if it weren’t for the unfortunate person coughing several rows in front of or behind whoever was taping it.

We’ve all been impressed by the melody and are still wowed when the song explodes with the expected entrance of strings – and maybe a few of us have even made it through the whole damn movement in one uninterupted listen. If we want to complain we criticize Steven’s falsetto which quite possibly goes higher on this track than any male voice should go, and dispose of the undecipherable lyrics. (By which I mean that Sufjan is singing far too high for any of us to understand him.)

But you know this.


~ by eothec on February 21, 2008.

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